Cummins Calterm ¿Para que sirve y que funciones tiene?

Cummins Calterm What is it for and what functions does it have?


Calterm Cummins software is a tool that allows access to the internal calibrations of engine computers for the Cummins manufacturer. By downloading these files, modifications can be made to certain internal calibrations.

This software is very useful when specific tests are required on a machine.

The importance of knowing how to use this software lies in the ability to make modifications to the operating parameters of the ECM (Engine Control Module) or engine control computer.

It is important to clarify that if you make permanent modifications to an ECM, it may affect the machine's emissions system, which in some markets is subject to verification by government entities.

What parameters can be modified using Calterm Software for the Cummins manufacturer?

The latest generation Cummins engines come with many new features, designed to increase their power, performance and regulations.

Some of these systems that are installed in this type of engines are:

  • EGR: Exhaust Gas Recirculation or Exhaust Gas Recirculation.

The EGR valve is installed for the purpose of recirculating many of the gases that come out of the exhaust, and directing them back to the intake system.

Which means that these gases or fumes are taken back to the combustion chamber inside the engine cylinder.

In this way, a reduction of NOx or Nitrogen Oxides is achieved.

  • VGT: Variable Geometry Turbine or Variable Geometry Turbo.

The variable geometry turbo system is a novelty compared to traditional turbo chargers.

This system has an actuator that allows the position of the turbo flaps to be modified, achieving efficiency and higher speeds.

An inconvenience that occurs when the EGR parameter is modified in a Cummins ECM is that the exhaust gas temperature is no longer regulated.

The new VGT systems are not designed to withstand these types of temperatures when there is no control by the EGR.

Therefore, special programming procedures must be executed to avoid affecting the VGT system.

  • FAULT CODES: Permanent Fault Codes

It happens when parameters within the ECM are modified and components are permanently disconnected.

It is necessary to modify the ECM programming tables to permanently erase active Fault Codes, which in most cases “slow down” the machine.

Calterm Cummins Metafiles

A concept that you must master to start with Calterm Cummins Software are the famous Metafiles.

Calterm Cummins Metafile Files

These Metafile files are data structures that are used to be installed within the memory of an ECM and contain data maps with certain engine performance modifications.

The most common file types are: E2M, EFCG and BIN.

For this reason, it is essential that you master the use of the INCAL Cummins library, which you must install with great caution.

Setup to Work with Calterm Software in a professional manner.

Because the use of this software requires a lot of concentration, we recommend having a Diesel programming laboratory, in which you will have a basic setup.

ECM module to modify EGR VGT using cummins calterm

  1. Use of exclusive Laptop for Calterm Software and others. It is not advisable to use the same computer for other purposes.
  2. Use of Interfaces with communication protocols accepted by the ECM. This interface can be Cummins Inline, however, other interfaces are also accepted.
  3. Always try to use reliable and original diagnostic tools, otherwise you risk permanently damaging an ECM.
  4. Harness to connect the Cummins ECM.
  5. Regulated voltage source, to supply power to the ECM during the diagnostic and programming phase.

If you want to master the use of this type of tools professionally, as well as the software to carry out secure programming, we invite you to participate in our exclusive Cummins Insite + Calterm training program.

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