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CJ250 Injectronic Scanner for OBDII systems

CJ250 Injectronic Scanner for OBDII systems

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CJ250 Scantool for OBDII systems

- Reads and erases "Chek Engine" fault codes.
- Monitor your vehicle's sensors in real time.
- Monitoring data line in real time, with numerical and graphic data.
- Confirm the status of your vehicle's monitors before doing a vehicle verification.

•Works with all OBDII / EOBD enabled vehicles, light duty vehicles, minivans and hybrids.
•I/M and DTC hotkeys provide quick access to emissions status, DTC information, and clear functions.
•Red-yellow-green LED indicator lights that indicate the status of the emissions monitor, it also has an audible indicator through a horn.
•Supports multiple code requirements such as: Generic, manufacturer specific, standby and permanent codes.
•Clears fault codes and turns off the Check Engine Indicator (MIL) also allows resetting monitors.
•Allows the reading of frozen data that shows engine conditions such as fuel trim, engine coolant temperature, among others, at the moment
in which the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) was turned on.
•Read and record graphs and playback of sensor data* in real time
•*Sensor and test data on O2 monitor in real time.
•Allows obtaining information from the ECU.
•Automatic VIN acquisition and decoding makes it easier to read specific manufacturer codes and ENHANCED MODE 6 features.
•Thousands of error code locators to help you determine your engine problems.
•Menu of options and definitions of codes in several languages.
•With the updater in a key and the automatic update reminder allows you to have your equipment with the latest technology.
•Allows updating and printing information via USB cable.

1. CJ250 scanner plus integrated OBDII cable
2. User manual
3.USB cable
4. Bag

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