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CJ4R Injectronic Scanner

CJ4R Injectronic Scanner

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The CJ4R is an automotive diagnostic equipment with a 2-channel oscilloscope, global OBD-2 generic coverage and specific coverage on more than 52 selected makes and models in gasoline and light diesel systems. In addition, it includes specific functions such as key programming, throttle body calibration, transmission programming, and learning of electromechanical directions on selected makes and models. Through Bluetooth, the CJ4R can be operated wirelessly from cell phones and tablets with Android© system and better visualization on color screens. And also with the 9591 USB module, you can also remotely operate the CJ4R from the PC

CJ4R Scanner
SD card 2GB
4515 module with DLL connector
9402 DB15/2 alligator cable
Wire 9302R
Mini-USB cable
Oscilloscope Cables
Oscilloscope Tips
CJ4R User Manual

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