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Cummins Inline 7

Cummins Inline 7

Cummins Inline 7 Data Link Adapter Genuine
New Cummins Engine Diagnostic Tool Cummins' INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter has a faster processor, more robust algorithms, larger memory buffers, and more sophisticated filtering than previous models, while simultaneously accessing multiple channels vehicle data. INLINE 7 supports USB, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies in a single device. INLINE 7 communicates with your PC and is designed for future capabilities with mobile products.

The Cummins INLINE 7 DataLink adapter is designed to work with a wide range of Cummins, OEM and third party information and service tools, including:

1pc x 5299899 INLINE 7 Data Link Adapter
1pc x 4919781 DB26Pln-OBDll Cable
1pc x 60000467 USB Cable
1pc x 3165141 DB26/2Pin/3Pin Cable
1pc x 4919780 DB26/9Pin Data Link Cable
1pc x 3163096 3Pin Connector
1pc x 3163597 3Pin Connector
1pc x 2892095 Software Compact U disk
Cummins INLINE 7 supports several protocols:
Such as J1708, J1587, ISO 15765, ISO 9141 (K and L line)
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