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Hyster PC Service Tool v5.2 2023

Hyster PC Service Tool v5.2 2023

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This is a Windows based service application that provides the connection of the truck with all its systems. In this application, you will find a lot of valuable information that will help you install and understand PC Service Tool (PCST). This includes a variety of technical information, such as graphs and tables, installation and usage recommendations, and much more.

1. Fault Monitor
2. Truck information screen
3. Diagnostic data monitor
4. Custom data monitor
5. Impact events
6. Data bus viewer
7. Strip chart
8. Recording and playback
9. Diagnostic reports
10. Sign up and run third-party apps
11. Access the support website
12. Truck Configuration
13. Truck Password Management
14. Operator Checklist
15. Truck Scheduling
16. Language management
17. Online help
18. Troubleshooting manual (not included in the app)
19. Calibration data recovery

Supported interfaces:

Minimum requirements for installation:
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
RAM: 4 GB or more
CPU: 2 GHz or more
Storage: 500MB free space

Instructions: Once your purchase is made, technical support will be contacted to activate software.
Activation: 1 PC

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