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V-MAC III covers essentially all Mack engines produced from 1998 to about 2004, give or take a year or two. It was with the emissions mandated by the EPA in 2004 that they began to move away from the V-MAC III. Mack now calls these trucks "Mack Legacy" vehicles.

If you are looking for software that covers both Mack Legacy vehicles and current trucks, Premium Tech Tool software for Mack and Volvo is recommended. In case you just prefer a separate and simpler program only for older Mack platforms, you can download this 100% free V-MAC III software.

1. Support VECU 1MS379 or V-MAC III software
2. Service diagnosis

to. Added ability to recognize a dual throttle vehicle and provide the ability to gauge both pedals (1MS379 VECU product software required)

b. Vehicle Data Log Display: For VECU 1MS379, the following values ​​have been added to the Vehicle Data Log screen:

  • Maximum vehicle overspeed
  • Company Maximum Engine Overspeed Threshold
  • Severe engine overspeed max.
  • Severe occurrences of engine overspeed
  • Maximum engine speed
  • Maximum vehicle speed
  • Fan clutch cycles

3. Customer data programming:
to. Added an on/off fan coolant temperature cutoff threshold to the engine. ECU programmable parameters

If the fan coolant temperature activation threshold is changed on/off and the difference between the new engage temperature and the disengage temperature is not at least 10 degrees F, then the disengagement threshold will automatically display as 10 degrees F lower than the activation temperature. The trip value can be changed, but a 10 degree difference will apply.

b. Parameter fields that only apply to fan ON/OFF and are only enabled when fan ON/OFF is selected:

  • Fan coolant temperature cut-out threshold,
  • Fan coolant temperature activation threshold,
  • Fan air temperature activation threshold, and
  • Air conditioning override time

c. Changes in parameter range:
• Fan coolant temperature cut-out threshold range on/off 193 -200 degrees F
• On/Off Fan Coolant Temperature Activation Threshold Range 203 -210 degrees F
• Air conditioning on/off override time range 30 - 300 seconds.
d . Highway speed limit resolution changed to display and allow speed input to the tenth of an MPH.

1. Service diagnosis
to. Accelerator Pedal Calibration for Cummins Chassis

Installation requirements:
• Windows 7 and Windows 10 (Help files only compatible with Windows 7)

How to Get It:📥
Just add to your cart and register to get the download link it's 100% free. This package includes V-MAC III software, reprogramming software and help file.

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